Free measurements for your custom kitchen

The choice to buy a new kitchen or change the old one appeared to you a long time ago.

One of the first steps in this process is to measure the kitchen space, which requires special tools. The easiest way is to have a measuring tape and do it yourself, but what is the accuracy of this process?


Measurements made by expert designers


At this step, we intervene. One of the standards of Bismobil Kitchen is the process of measuring your kitchen space, carried out by our designers - an absolutely free service.

Why do we do this?

For maximum accuracy. Imagine that the designer creates a 2D, 3D project without visualizing the space, with only the dimensions in front.


We can design an aesthetic and ergonomic kitchen only if we see the shape of the room, where are located the doors, windows, pipes, central heating, the colour of the walls, the floor, which is the house's design style. All these aspects influence the design of your kitchen!


From here, we consider that taking the dimensions of a designer is a step that we cannot omit in realising a kitchen project perfectly adapted to you.



The kitchen remeasuring process

The process of remeasuring the kitchen is as important as measuring it.

Who is responsible for this stage? The technologist.

We adhere to the proverb "Measure seven times, cut once", that's why, before the kitchen is put into production, the Bismobil Kitchen technologist comes to your home to take the measurements repeatedly and make sure that all the details are taken into account and not changes took place during the renovation.



Measurements and remeasurements help us provide a product designed in the smallest details. Still, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the installed kitchen, we are open to returning you all the money you have invested.

Bismobil Kitchen quality guarantee


Bismobil Kitchen - for you to be one hundred per cent happy!

Are you ready to welcome us to measure the space of your kitchen? Fill out the form, and we'll contact you soon!


Request free measurements now!

An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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